All dogs must be neutered or spayed by 6 months to join pack!

Day camp open Monday – Thursday’s!


Allie’s in-home daycare is a unique environment where your dog’s social, and correcting on any bad behavior like pre-school to adulthood it will help your pups emotional, and physical needs with lots of exercise, interaction, and mental stimulation. Allie’s daycare provides plenty of room for your dog to enjoy supervised play with all breeds of dogs.

So not only is Allie’s daycare spacious, but also a happy-go-lucky environment where your dog will have lots of fun running, playing, interacting, and socializing. We do not separate large dogs and little dogs. This is a place where all dogs co-exists . It is so important to social dogs as early as 10 weeks old research has shown if you miss that gap after 16 weeks they face some social issues.

Whether your dog needs to be rehabilitated, socialized with all breeds and people and kids or just have a little fun, Allie’s daycare provides the perfect atomosphere for your furry friend to interact and play. In addition, the positive energy in her camp helps regulate and reinforce good social skills and behavior.

Allie also provides all the necessary amenities, such as toys, cots , baby pools when it’s hot a huge detached garage inside the yard with fans to keep dogs out of the sun they will stay nice and cool with a tv, music and water fountains throughout the yard with a beautiful sound it’s so  calming for the dogs she constantly cleaning , to ensure that your dog is comfortable and happy. We do accept dogs that are not neutered before 6-8 months or depending on your dogs behaviors but if I noticed behavioral issues I will have to remove your dog from daycamp until your dog is spayed or neutered. We have to conduct an assessment to make sure after the spay or neuter your dog can re-join the balanced Pack an no behavior issues are arising. Allie will also text or call you or brief you if needed if she sees your pup misbehaving. Communication is key here we want a balance dogs so with her feedback you can help your pup be a well behaved  dog.


Allie welcomes all dogs! Her daycare pack consists of puppies, small breeds, large breeds, and elderly dogs. When your dog becomes part of the pack, they become part of Allie’s family. She is not just taking in a new client, she is welcoming a new family member who she will love just as much as you do.


Allie’s Doggie Day Camp is a pack setting where rules, limits, and boundaries are enforced. Allie pack leaders Thor & Romeo help keep the pack in line and correct dogs if necessary to stop any aggressive or anxious behavior that your dog may exhibit. All dogs are well-monitored, as Allie and her own dogs constantly help reinforce good behavior to ensure that your dog is safe and well-balanced.

collage of dogs at Allie's Day Camp