1. Welcome to my page ! I will do new enrollments in September.
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First step please e-mail application then give her a call.  Allie will give you a free phone consultation regarding any questions or concerns you may have. Allie will be more than happy to provide you with feedback or the necessary information you need. Once she’s spoken to you regarding your dogs, she will make a decision if this is going to be a good fit for  your pup and the pack. Then she will schedule a trial assessment day for you and your dog at her cozy home to meet her & her Pack. 


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 The assessment is $40 for a 1 day trial daycamp day for dogs that interested for daycamp or boarding . This gives me a chance to meet you and your dog. The $40 is not refundable even if you dog doesn’t pass my apologies. 

You will drop off your pup for entire daycamp day in the am Monday - Thursdays between 8-10 am and pick up your pup by 5:30. I will observe your dog’s behaviors for a few hours or the entire day until 5:30 and make sure your dog is a good fit for my pack and if my pack is good fit for your dog! I will tell you anything behavioral issues I notice .  I am very transparent with my customers so be prepared . 

I will let you know my decision if your dog is accepted once you pick up your dog or advice you on what we should do help your pup get adjusted. Please understand this is not for  all dogs and not all dogs are accepted due to various reasons. There is. 50/50 chance your dog might not make it .  I will let you know what those are. I want your dogs to love my home. It takes a certain dog to be apart of this pack.

My Rottweilers & I keep a balance dynamics they are highly trained  to sense behavioral issues with their pack members .  I have trained my dogs to help me with my Daycamp they are working breeds.  Dog that come here have to to respect the environment and all dogs. We will correct dogs here it’s like being in school and getting free training without the high cost. I will correct jumping, chewing and destructive behavior (such as barking for no reason and anxiety etc). We do use muzzles and timeout centers for dogs  that are not behaving safely or appropriately I work with aggressive dogs & behavioral issues. 

This is peaceful place. They are spoiled rotten with love, water fountains for relaxation, baby 5 pools, toys, TV room & music!  We take photos & videos post them on Instagram .  This place has strong leadership from my my boys and myself as a trainer. My pack is very calm this is a safe & loving environment with balanced energy. Elderly dogs, puppies and dogs of all sorts of breeds, sizes and personalities co-exist here. 

What could disqualify your dog from enrollment? If your dog is aggressive behaviors to try to start fights, severe Seperation anxiety , toy aggression etc. I am also looking for skittish tendencies, among other behaviorial issues. Do they like people, kids and other dogs? We have a large family and lots of friends that visit and special needs children.. We hope you join our family!




3. Application
An icon of a application form.

Once you have the phone interview with Allie and she invites you for a Trial Assessment, please download & print this application and bring it along with your dog's proof of vaccinations on your appointed Trial Assessment day. 


collage of dogs boarding at Allie's Doggie Day Camp.

Any questions regarding training, boarding, or daycare?



  • Dog must be neutered or spayed by 1 year. 
  • Dogs must be up-to-date on DH2PP, Rabies, and Bordetella vaccinations.
  • Dogs must be on a flea and tick prevention program.
  • Dogs “in heat” are not allowed.
  • I am licensed for 50 dogs