Allie’s has had dogs her entire life. She’s also seen many dogs pass away in her life. She loves her dogs with all her heart but she’s knows what they need. Welcome to school for dogs! Allie will work with your dogs to become well behaved dogs on a regular basis. She doesn’t  allow bad behaviors such as barking for no reason, no jumping , no distructive behaviors like biting or nipping as well. She will monitor ruff play and anxiety and not allow it.  She will help with separation anxiety. She will help basic commands like sit , down , out and leave it.  I will also make sure they are good on social skills with other dogs and Adults and kids. She understands that dogs can pick up bad behaviors from other dogs and she wants dogs to leave her better behaved. She is very strict but loving these dogs love it here. Allie truly loves dogs she has had dogs her entire life and has experienced herself first had what it feels like to have an aggressive dog. She not only gets it she literally has been in your shoes. She is dedicated to helping owners to have a balance dog from the start and coach people through the process. She will tell you the truth and let you know what’s going on with your dog by texts, phone calls or in person. She doesn’t sugar coat things as she understands how important the communication & feedback is to you as an owner. She will give you homework. She will ask for updates. Allie  is a seasoned and self-taught dog trainer, who early on in life, discovered she had a talent for working with dogs. In her 20 years of experience as a dog trainer, Allie has helped many owners and families socialize and rehabilitate their dogs. She dedicates her skills, experience, and passion to helping clients work through their frustrations, and ultimately achieve a happy and harmonious relationship with their dogs. Allie has trained her  dogs to help rehabilitate other dogs by correcting bad behavior and helping other dogs build confidence and to learn by example. If you have a well behaved pack they reinforce good behavior you will have well balanced followers.


icon of owner hugging dog

As much as we love our dogs like family members, we must remember they are dogs first; humanizing can lead to behavioral issues.

icon of owner exercising dog

Dogs must have their social and physical needs met with lots of exercise, mental stimulation, interaction, and affection.

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Dogs need a confident, calm, and consistent pack leader who enforces rules, limits, and boundaries.


Dogs were always apart of my life since I was a little girl and helped me through ups and downs. If it weren’t for my dogs I don’t know where I would be today! My childhood dog saved my life. And I will forever be grateful to him thank you Jay Jay ! My mission is to help one dog at a time. I love supporting my community with dog food and supplies for homeless dogs. I also hold field trips here for special needs kids/adults. I invite teenagers to voulteer here to learn about dogs unconditional love they provide to us! They are such loyal partners. Dogs help with depression and special needs support for so many . I love to help with rescue this is my passion and love that I have for them. I  love dogs and if I could save a life one dog at a time I will. I love to train dogs and help owners become great pack leaders in order to raise happy, healthy, and balanced dogs.


Allie's method focuses on socializing and rehabilitating dogs using her own calm and balanced pack. She relies on her pack to maintain the harmonious balance and environment of her camp.

The calm energy that her pack  helps newcomers who exhibit even the slightest hint of fear, anxiety, or aggression, to adjust their behavior to the existing balanced state.  Thor Romeo , Sire and Twinkie work around the clock to correct unbalanced behavior. They not only correct, but lead by example, as they demonstrate healthy interaction with other dogs.

Allie's family and friends are also an integral part of the training process. Her children, friends, and family are often out and about in the yard, as the dogs must learn to interact positively with people of all ages.

collage of dogs at Allie's Day Camp

"I use dogs to train other dogs."
— Allie


Picture of Allie's Alpha dog, .