Here is a little about Allie and the beautiful relationship and journey she has with her dogs. Allie is a wife and a mother of two beautiful children, but in addition to her humans, she also has fur-babies. Allie’s had dogs’ her entire life. She absolutely loves animals! She created this beautiful Resort for her own dogs and decided to dedicate her life to them! Allie is a self-taught trainer who was told by her mom that she was born to do this! She has been training dogs for over thirty-five years. She works with dogs that have behavioral issues, such as separation anxiety and so much more. When Allie was a teenager, her Dog Jay Jay saved her life when she was attacked by some men in front of her house. Jay Jay was a German Shepard, Chow Chow mix and lived seventeen years. She always knew one day she would own a doggie-day camp and help others take care of their pups. She started this day camp over twelve years ago with her Rottweiler Thor, her Boxer, Max and her Pomeranian, Leo. They have since passed away. Thor rehabilitated many dogs that have aggressive behaviors towards people and helped save so many dogs from being put down. Allie and her family miss Thor tremendously!

Today she runs the day camp with her Rottweilers and Pomeranians; Romeo, Sire, Twinkie, and Chita. They help keep the pack balanced. This is a family setting where her husband and kids, along with her assistants help. The doggie-day camp is located at their family home. It’s a home where dogs correct their own and learn structure and balance with each other. This is like school from kindergarten dogs to adulthood; it’s free training. It’s brilliant the way you see all the dogs coexisting together. This place is designed to have all breeds coexist in a pack. She will work on unwanted behaviors and help dogs build confidence. Your pup will be loved and spoiled there, but will learn to adjust to be independent and be part of a pack. She has open communication with her owners. If anything should arise, she will call you and always do the right thing. Things can turn in an instance and can happen very fast. If an altercation between dogs breaks out, Allie and her pack are right there to address and deescalate the situation. She will communicate openly and honestly with the owners to come up with next steps. On a more positive note, Allie hosts birthday parties for her pups and they become part of her extended family. Your dogs are her dogs! Whether this is your first time trying out doggie-day camp or overnight boarding, while you are on vacation, you can rest assured that your dog will be in great hands while spending time with Allie and her family.

Allie offers a clean and fun spacious environment to ensure that your dog receives the best care and lots of socialization. The dogs spend their days outside with toys, baby pools, and water fountains in a beautiful yard. There is also a detached garage with cots, a fireplace for when it’s cold and fans when it is hot. There’s also a TV and music for the dogs. It’s such a fun and relaxing environment with doggie friends and her family & friends! When boarding dogs, they sleep in the kitchen area in crates or the enclosed detached garage. She takes photos and videos and posts them on Instagram for updates. You can always text her or call her too. Open communication is key, although Allie says, “No news is good news!”

Allie will work with your dogs, such as barking for no reason, jumping, as well as addressing destructive behaviors, like biting or nipping. She monitors for rough play and does not allow it. She will monitor and help your dog with types of anxiety, such as separation anxiety and other behavioral issues that present themselves. She will help with basic commands like, “Sit, Down, Out and Leave it.” Allie will also make sure they have good social skills with other dogs and people. She understands that dogs can pick up bad behaviors from other dogs and her goal is to have dogs leave better behaved than how they came to her.

Allie has experienced first hand, what it’s like to have an aggressive dog. She not only “gets it”, she literally has been in your shoes (Oh, and she can stop your dog from chewing on those shoes ; ). She is dedicated to helping owners have a balanced dog from the start and coaches owners through the process. She will tell you the harsh truth and let you know what’s going on with your dog by texts, phone calls, or in person. She doesn’t sugar coat things, as she understands how important communication and feedback is for the success of your dog. She will give you homework and will ask you for updates.

Trust in Allie and her ability to work with dogs as she is a seasoned trainer, who early on in life, discovered she had this special talent for working with dogs. In her 35 plus years as a dog trainer, Allie has helped many owners and families socialize and rehabilitate dogs from not being put to sleep. This is a testament to her skill level. She dedicates these skills, her experience and passion to helping clients work through their frustrations and ultimately achieve a happy and more harmonious-relationship with their dogs. Allie’s dogs are trained to help rehabilitate, correct bad behavior and build confidence. The dogs learn this by example. A well-behaved pack reinforces good behavior and you will have well balanced followers. She has two Pomeranians that are therapy dogs. They work at a senior center with dementia patients and give emotional support weekly. In the past, she’s had her dogs work with children with autism. She is dedicated to sharing her pups to the community to help others. Allie also does a lot of research and uses holistic approach for her animals. She would always give free advice on health or training tips if owns needed help . She’s right there and equipped with a variety of options she always had an answer Veterinary Allie .

This day camp is dedicated to Thor, Max and Leo, who ran this pack like no other dogs… RIP boys, and to all her pets she saved and rescued.


Create a happy, healthy, and balanced dog with 1-on-1, or boot camp training.

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Your dog will receive the very best care in a safe and relaxed environment.

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Fulfill your dog’s inherent nature to socialize, play, and be part of a pack.

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  • Provide consultation and training for behavioral issues.
  • Owners are educated on how to be an effective pack leader.
  • Dogs learn how to be balanced pack members.
  • Socialization in a controlled, calm environment with a balanced pack.
  • Dogs learn acceptable boundaries and behavior.
  • Provide regular support via email, text, or phone to help guide you.

Learn how to raise and develop a happy, healthy, and balanced dog.




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